Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Not Behavior, Tablet PC Sony trimmed Nearly USD 200

Tablet Sony S dan P (ist)
Sony launched the ambitious targets when it decided to take part in the tablet computer market. They want to be number two, second only to the iPad. But not-yet, the effort Sony has encountered steep road.

Tablet Sony indicated less behavior. In some markets, Japanese manufacturers are slashing prices of USD 698 tablets S to $ 500 for the 32GB version or discounted almost $ 200. Then the 16GB version is also trimmed to $ 400 from the previous $ 450.

Whereas tablets and tablet P S was launched in September. Some parties considered, the price cuts in a short time indicates the tablets made by Sony's lack of attention.

"Sony Tablet S does look beautiful and well designed, but less powerful, too expensive and did not work presents Sony with good multimedia services," according to a review of the tablet PCMag S.

Globally as well, Sony has not entered a list of the Top 5 greatest Android tablet vendors. They lost to Samsung, Motorola, Asus and Acer.

Indeed the price of Sony's countless overpriced tablets. Their brand is still great, but lately could not match the Samsung and Apple in various sectors. Even their finances continue to deteriorate so reportedly recently sold the business at Samsung's LCD.

As quoted from SmartHouse, Wednesday (01/04/2011), several factors considered to be the reason why Sony is less competitive gadgets lately. Such as lack of innovation and high prices.

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