Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Accounts Rupert Murdoch's wife on Twitter Apparently False

Rupert Murdoch-Wendi (Ist.)

Twitter made ​​a mistake in verifying an account. The incident also raises doubts where Twitter has so far been 'endorsed' 17,000 accounts.

The verification process itself is conducted Twitter to tell the audience that the associated account is owned by the original account managers. Blue check mark shall be affixed as a marker of the original accounts are largely owned by celebrities.

But this time Twitter one put a check in an account that the previous boss's wife is believed to belong to the media, Rupert Murdoch. Later known, the account is addressed in @ Wendi_Deng fake!

Not only Twitter, when the account appeared, Public Relations (PR) in News Corp. was also told that the account is genuine, as quoted by Reuters on Wednesday (01/04/2012).

For these errors, Twitter officially issued his apology. "We confirm that @ wendi_deng been one verified in the short term and we apologize for the confusion that occurred," says Twitter.

Presumably, some 10,000 followers who 'follow' your @ Wendi_Deng should swallow disappointments over Twitter's statement.

The account appears to follow the emergence account Wendi's husband, Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation which also owns. Murdoch has a series of well-known media like the Wall Street Journal, The Sun, Fox International Channel, The Daily Telegraph and others.

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