Friday, July 6, 2012

BlackBerry Curve 9300EUBK 3G 9300 Review


Technical Details

  • 2 Megapixel Camera
  • BlackBerry OS 6.0
  • GPS w/BlackBerry Maps
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
  • GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900, HSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100
Product Description RIM BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 is an addition to the popular BlackBerry Curve series of smartphones. As the name suggests the BlackBerry Curve 3G supports 3G (HSDPA) networks around the world. Other features include 2MP camera, Wi-Fi, GPS, microSD slot for memory and compatibility with the new BlackBerry 6 OS.
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BlackBerry Curve 9300EUBK 3G 9300 Unlocked GSM Smartphone with 2 MP Camera, GPS, and Bluetooth--No Warranty (Graphite Grey)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So Zuckerberg Roommate Failed Billionaire

Joe Green
Joe Green is Mark Zuckerberg's roommate when they were first studied at Harvard University. Joe might be making a big mistake, so now is not a billionaire like Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook.

Yes, when they were in college, Zuckerberg had invited Joe to be together to build up from scratch. Zuckerberg, Facebook's total development, to the extent that he willingly left college dropout alias.

But after various considerations, he was then decided to reject the invitation Zuckerberg. He also asked his father who asked her advice still go to college. Moreover, their previous project failure to reap FaceMash so Joe was pessimistic.

"We got a little problem with the previous projects and my father is a professor was not happy to hear I may be expelled from the college," said Joe, quoted from the Telegraph, Wednesday (1 / 22012).

Finally, he can only watch a huge success that Zuckerberg is still to be his friend. Zuckerberg is currently estimated to have a wealth of USD 17.5 billion, the amount which may be co-owned by Joe if he wanted to placate former Zuckerberg.

Although not as rich as Facebook, Joe still successful in business. He now runs an online business called Causes that encourage people to share ideas to change the world. Its business is worth millions of dollars.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Master the Android ambitious Household

Ilustrasi (Ist.)
Currently, the plural is used as Android smartphone operating system and tablet computers. But in the future, Google had a vision of the Android OS will be on household devices such as refrigerators or washing machines may also.

The vision expressed by the Chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt in the event the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2012. With Android, household devices can communicate with each other.

The device can also do things in accordance with the wishes of its users. Everything is pretty controlled with Android smartphone.

"Already there are companies that use Android in the refrigerator. It also requires the automation of the refrigerator," said Schmidt as reported by AFP and quoted on Thursday (1/12/2012).

"When you walk into the house with Android devices, all bodies will adjust to fit what you need. As I walked into the living room, television can recognize you there," he added.

Currently, some manufacturers also make Google TV, Google TV. This smart TV allows access to various applications and surf the Internet.

Currently, Android has become the most popular operating system Android smart phones. Google claims about 700.00 Android handset unit is activated every day.

JVC Camcorder with Built-in WiFi

JVC Camcorder

Seven of the JVC Everio camcorders on display at CES, Las Vegas, United States (U.S.). Of the seven models, four of which are already equipped with WiFi that allows users to share videos and photos more easily.

These devices wed photo and video quality output of traditional camcorders, with the ease of sharing that is owned smartphones.

With the free application for Android and IOS devices, users can wirelessly transfer video directly from camcorder to their smart phones. In any case, the mobile phone can be used as a remote control.

The presence of WiFi also makes the user need not bother to switch to other devices to send email. Quoted from SlashGear, Thursday (12/01/2012), users can send e-mails directly from the camcorder the following Tuesday.

Still not satisfied? JVC also provides features Video Email. Send video clip duration is 15 seconds to 8 address emailpun possible.

Other features which championed the Live Monitoring where he let the user see photos or videos taken from a camcorder, smartphone or on their computer in real time.

Last in line of Everio camcorders can be broken down into a series of E / EX, Series V / VXV / VX, as well as the GX series. Series which has the highest caste in the GX model is capable of recording in 1920 × 1080 Full HD in 60p and target objects with the power of 11 MP.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

X 101 Eee PC Netbook with MeeGo Sensation

detail berita

Asus is one of the vendors that decide to use MeeGo as one operating system to its netbook called the Eee PC X 101. User interface of the OS designed Lnux this does look more impressive.

The main view does offer social networking features are complete. The main page of the OS MeeGo shows the login directly to Twitter and Facebook. Also on the left side there is a tool bar that can be directly accessed easily, such as the Asus App Store, Google's Chrome web brower, Mail, Messinger, Dropbox, Asus Vibe (collection MeeGo Asus netbook users), MeeGo Help, User manual and calculator .

But unfortunately when open social networking looks a bit slow and the display looks stiff and less attractive. Possible for users who are accustomed to using the Windows OS will find it difficult when using MeeGo because many of the icons are hidden for office activities, games, accessories, media and system tools.

MeeGo made by Asus netbook uses an Intel Atom N435 processor with a capacity of 1.33 GHz. Additionally Eee PC X101 also dilangkapi RAM (random access memory) 1 GB, while using the LCD screen is 10.1 inches with a resolution reaching 1020 x 600 pixels.

Other specifications include 4-cell battery that can last for four hours, the storage memory SSD (solid state drive) up to 8 GB, 250GB hard drive, microSD card slot, a 0.3 megapixel webcam and WiFi 802.11 b / g / n was added to complement this netbook.

This netbook uses the Office of the Oracle and already equipped with Adobe Reader 8 and Adobe AIR. Unfortunately the media player does not track any type of song files can be played. Bahakan settings can not be played in MP3 MeeGo netbook and that can be played only by setting (ogg).

4-cell battery has a fairly long durability, because it can be used up to 4 hours when the netbook is being used for typing and turned on the media. This netbook also terbiang lighter and thinner when compared to other netbooks. And the price range were classified affordable price range USD199.

Unfortunately MeeGo can not compete and is claimed to be difficult to use. Even today MeeGo been abandoned by various vendors, one of whom is a Nokia mobile phone. OS similar to MeeGo named Tizen claimed. Rumor says the Eee PC 101 X can get updates from Tizen, but the news is still to be seen the article Asus has not issued an official statement related to this issue.

So Long Zoom Lens Fujifilm Anyar Weapons

F770EXR (Ist.)
Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in 2012 used by Fujifilm to introduce the newest cameras. In addition to two waterproof cameras XP50 and XP150, this Japanese vendors also showcase the F-series cameras in it.

Unmitigated, three cameras Fujifilm released directly in the category F-Series, the FinePix F770EXR, FinePix F750EXR and FinePix F600EXR which has the advantage of a long zoom lens.

F770EXR and FinePix F750EXR
This camera offers EXR-CMOS sensor 1 / 2 inch 16 MP which is claimed to produce good pictures in low light conditions.

Both the present F750EXR F770EXR and long zoom Fujinon lens wide-angle 20x (25-500mm) with Intelligent Digital Zoom. This means the user can improve its zoom capability of up to two-fold.

Its LCD has a resolution of 460K with a 3-inch landscape display. It has auto focus which is classified as a super toned 0:16 seconds. Both the F770EXR and F750EXR, both are also capable of targeting objects with a constant speed of 8 fps at full resolution.

FinePix F600EXR
Wide-Angle Fujinon 15x long-zoom lens (24-360mm) are also equipped with Intelligent Digital Zoom are some specifications of this camera to-3. Landscape LCD screen with 2 models above the 3 inch with a resolution of 460K. 11 fps continuous shooting, and Intelligent Image Stabilization.

2 Camera Ready Anti Invited Fujifilm water diving

Fujifim add to the ranks of its waterproof compact camera. XP50 and XP150 is ready to friends are fond of traveling photographers being outdoors and water activities.

Hold in water depths up to 5 meters, the hardiness of the height of 1.5 meters and hold the temperature to 10 degrees Celsius are the hallmarks of XP50. It was equipped with a 14.5 MP CMOS sensor and new image processor which is claimed. For its ISO sensitivity, XP50 capable of reaching 3200.

Designed for outdoor shooting, 5x wide-angle lens which has already covered this device waterproof coating. The camera is available in black bandage, blue, green, orange and silver has also been able to do 1080p HD video recording with 30fps.

Judging by the back of the body, this device has a 2.7 inch LCD screen with anti-reflection coating. For pricing and availability, there has been no further information.

Turning to the second camera is tougher FinePix XP150. Just like the previous model, it is also a waterproof cameras, shockproof, dustproof and freezeproof.

Able to survive in water depths up to 10 meters and resistant to fall from a height of 2 meters. He also still be able to work at temperatures up to 10 degrees centigrade.

GPS antenna with high sensitivity has been added. Quoted from TechRadar, Thursday (01/05/2012), this GPS also serves as an electronic compass and Photo Navigation.

Sensors measuring 14 million pixels and 5x optical zoom to be another attraction of this camera. To help reduce camera shake, is already equipped with a sensor shift image stabilization.